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 Post subject: The Black Arrow gone?! Movie based profiles kind of a bummer
PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:34 pm 
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Man, just looked through the There and Back again book getting ready to play my first event and I for the first time noticed that Bard can only use the Black Arrow for the wind lance..

I for one, all but hated many of the design choices and random ridiculousness added to the Hobbit trilogy, which in no small part includes, the Wind lance. Bard shoots Smaug with his bow. He is Bard the bowman. The Black arrow is his families lucky arrow, always recovered and past down through the generations not some massive balista bolt that he uses as a support beam in his house.

I loved that in the rules Bard was able to use his Black arrow rule out of his bow since it was so much more loyal to the book, like many of the later LOTR profiles that came out seemed to have tie ins the their roles in the book rather then just the movie. Not to mention in the freakin goofy movie he actually shoots it out of his "bow" anyways.
For example in the LOTR journey books there options to play through many of the scenarios with options more like the book, such as no elves at hemls deep, Aragon having Anduril since Rivendell, ect.

Similarly, I was really disappointed to see Thranduil lose the crown. Even in the movies he clearly has some form of magic covering his scars, and yet for his BOFA profile we just see a copy pasted Tauriel profile instead of the very unique and thematic profile. Clearly they could have tweaked it, give him armor, the ability to buy the elk as a mount, maybe purchase another sword to give him another attack, ect.

Pretty bummed about this kind of stuff.

I really hope, again much like the LOTR range, we see further "patches" to the rule set and we see profiles and even models based more on the books or at least with some influence, rather then just PJ's silly ass movies.
I feel like by going out their way to make the rules more like some pretty middle of the road movies, instead of staying truer to the super rich Tolkien lore we end up missing out on something.


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