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 Post subject: First Tournament Army: Galadhrim Advice
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:50 am 

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So I have my first tournament coming up in two days and wanted opinions on my Galadhrim list! Whether it's legal, and if you think it would be competitive... Any ideas or advice on gameplay would be much appreciated! (also some warbands are weird numbering which is just due to the troops I own... lots of shield and no shield of the sword and spearmen).
Tournament Army 750 Points
Warband #1 The Leader
1 banner bearer with spear
2 guards of the Galadhrim court
3 Galadhrim with sword and shield
2 Galadhrim with spear and shield
2 Galadhrim with spear
2 Galadhrim with bow
Warband #2 His Brother (Orophin)
Galadhrim Captain with Bow
6 Galadhrim with Bow
2 Galadhrim with sword and shield
1 Galadhrim with elven blade
1 Galadhrim with spear and shield
2 Galadhrim with spear
Warband # 3 The Other Brother
Haldir with bow and armour
2 Galadhrim Guard
4 Galadhrim with Bow
3 Galadhrim with sword and shield
1 Galadhrim with spear
2 Galadhrim with spear and shield
Warband #4 Storms A’Brewin
Storm Caller
3 Galadhrim with sword
3 Galadhrim with spear
3 Galadhrim with bows
750 Points
49 models, break point: 25
9 Might
15 bows + 2 Hero bows , 17

Also, What are opinions on Galadriel and Celeborn for Galadhrim armies? worth their points? don't currently own them but am thinking of getting them.

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 Post subject: Re: First Tournament Army: Galadhrim Advice
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:42 am 

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Hi @nocoolnamewill - First things first, I'd recommend that you go back in and edit your post and remove the point values for each model. It's against the site rules and the admins will come down on you if you don't remove them. Thanks...

Now, onto the list....I've used Galadhrim quite a bit, including at NOVA last year and they're a fun, nicely-themed force that can be quite successful. Let me throw out a series of suggestions regarding your list.

- Galadriel and Celeborn are both excellent models who can swing the game in your favor. I'd suggest dropping the Capt and the Stormcaller and adding in one of these two - Galadriel for heavy magic or Celeborn if you want a combat beast who can also throw out a spell or two. Galadriel's Blinding Light ensures that you will definitely win any shooting wars, and her ability to Immobilize can be invaluable as well. If you use Celeborn, I'd strongly recommend that you give him all his options - heavy armor, shield, and elven blade. With his 3 attacks, High Fight value, and Elven blade helping win fights, the add ons to his defense make him super-survivable. I think I've used him 6 or 7 times and he hasn't died for me once (knock wood - lol)

- Rumil is great and I use him consistently. His special rule making opponents re-roll 6's is a god-send. Haldir is solid as well, and his expert shot rule is a nice perk. He is also very solid in combat and rarely lets me down (knock wood again - lol). Put armor on him for sure, and if you own the Helms Deep model, that is fun version to use also, especially if you have allies that include Aragorn or Theoden.

- I'd recommend consolidating your bows into one war band, or at most, two war bands. Putting 3 or 4 bows in each war band usually doesn't work out as you'll usually be short on infantry in that war band and then 3 or 4 shots, even elf bows, usually isn't enough to do a lot of damage or to dissuade your opponent's movement - which are the two main reasons you'd take bows in general.

- If you have enough points to spare, adding spears to your archers can help as they can then support the front line when the lines meet and shooting isn't an option anymore. And on that same thought process, adding shields to your swordsman gets them up to the needed D5, and also allows them to shield if they are getting overwhelmed and need to hold off and just survive until help arrives.

- Lastly, keep in mind that you can include basic wood elves in a Galadhrim force without losing theme and it can save you quite a few points. A basic Wood Elf with spear is 2 pts less than a Galadhrim Warrior with spear and shield, and the wood elf spear has the special shielding rule. Just another option to consider.

Hope these suggestions are helpful, and feel free to post again here after a couple matches and let us know how things go for you ! :)

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