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 Post subject: Isengard and Mordor (500)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:58 pm 

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Isengard and Mordor (500): 35 models; 7 might [1.0]
Witch King (+3 might, +1 will, +1 fate, Sword; Army Leader)
-5x Orcs (Spears, Staves)
-3x Orc Trackers (Swords)

Vrasku (Sword)
-7x Uruk-hai (Crossbows, Swords)
-2x Feral Uruk-hai (Swords)
-3x Dunlending Warriors (Two-handed Hammers)

Lurtz (Sword)
-6x Feral Uruk-hai (Swords)
-6x Dunlending Warriors (Two-handed Hammers)

So this is a 500 point list (mostly made out of my old collection - Feral Uruk-hai are uruk scouts with uruk engineer swords; Dunlending Warriors made from Men of Rohan).

The main points I tried for this list are:
1. Numbers
2. Might
3. Magic
4. Archery

The two-handed hammers are for the bash special attack. I feel it's the best use of the DWs' SR and allows the FU to double-strike (does that give them 4 attacks on down opponents?!?!). Thought about swapping Lurtz for a Uruk-hai Shaman for the Channelled Fury but since I've got so many men and orcs in the army felt that it wasn't as necessary as another combat character. The Witch King is there for transfixing heroes then letting the orcs with Spears/Staves to use the Stun special strike to perma-bash. I thought about giving the FU axes, but 1. That's just cheesy 2. Uruk's have never used axes. Hammers for the DWs seems fluffy to me as the Bash special rule also destroys cavalry and their main enemy is Rohan.
Also for Vrasku, when should I start moving him foward to engage in the melee?

Would appreciate any advice. Thank you in advice :)

Paging Dr. Grant as well. Would appreciate his advice :)
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