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 Post subject: Isengard upgrade ideas(looking for your thoughts)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:06 am 

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Howdy folks, looking to see what peoples opinions would be on some of the following upgrades to some isengard units,

Lurtz (not sure what points - maybe 70-80)
wargear - Armour, Shield, Scout Bow(rule below)
f (5/4+) s (5) d(6) a(2) w(2) c (4) might(3) will(1) fate(1)

add the following rules
Combatant - Lurtz Gains the +1 defense for carrying a shield despite also carrying a bow

Scout Bow - Lurtz carries a scout bow , a scout bow is range 18" and strength 3

Scout Leader -(maybe you could leave off this but i think its a nice rule which makes both lurtz and scouts more appealing so lets GIVE IT TO HIM, HE DESERVES IT) when lurtz is included in your army, all uruk-hai scouts/marauders gain +1 defense from shield despite also carrying a bow


Ugluk(same points value) - much like suggested in gbhl podcast, Ugluk head taker rule should be tweaked,
so.......... in a round when ugluk wants to use this rule, if not in combat already he gains a free 3" movement whch he must use to move to a friendly unit that he wants to decapitate, after which he must his normal 6" movement to charge any enemy unit that he can(assuming there is one in range), cannot use the rule if in combat unless a friendly unit is base contact, inwhich case he would decapitate that unit

Mauhur (same points value)- add special rule - shields of blades( mauhur can use shielding rule), I think this rule is for dragon knight in easterlings army or someone


Uruk hai scouts (troops) -change war gear options from orc bow to scout bow(look at lurtz for rule on scout bows) for same points value

if you havent noticed i really just want to see lurtz and scouts more

Vote Lurtz

Please throw in your thoughts,, thanks alot guys
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