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 Post subject: 400pt Rohan (mixed infantry & cavalry)
PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:42 pm 

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Hey all.

As per the title, after a long hiatus from the hobbit, I'm looking at maybe doing a small Rohan force. I've had a look online for tactics and whatnot, and thrown together the following so I'd be curious to know your thoughts. My friend absolutely insists that Rohan infantry will never work for any reason at all, so I'm keen to go some way to proving him wrong. :P Please note that while I'm not looking for tourney standard here, ideally I'd like to win a few games and give most armies a good run for their money, so semi competitive is the goal.

Warband 1:

Erkenbrand on horse

5 Riders upgraded to Redshields

Warband 2:


6 Warriors with shields upgraded to Helmingas

6 Warriors with Shields

Warband 3:


6 Royal Guard

Total = 400 dead.

6 Cavalry, 18 infantry, 26 models in total giving a break point of 13.

My general thoughts for how it could be used were as follows:

. Erkenbrand and his riders harass and kill off enemy cavalry/missile troops to start with. Either through bowfire or, perhaps alternatively, through throwing spears then a charge if I can find the points. After this they will aim to charge into combat from the sides or rear of enemy troops who are stuck in combat with the infantry.

. The Royal guard form a high defence, fight 4 anchor point for the rest of my troops, able, hopefully, to win some fights and score a few kills. I plan to buddy Grimbold up with these guys to counteract the effect of his two handed weapon: put simply, the royal guard wins the fight, and Grimbold takes the kill. With their body guard rule and Erkenbrand's horn, they should hopefully be very difficult to break.

. The regular warriors are there to form a shield wall and hold up the enemy, while other troops like the red-shields and the helmingas zip around the sides. These guys are there less to kill the enemy, but to use their shields defensively to charge, (or be charged), and not die. The Helmingas, meanwhile, will help out their shielding buddies by trying to get round the sides, and or going for high defence enemies.

So yeah, what do we think? :)
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 Post subject: Re: 400pt Rohan (mixed infantry & cavalry)
PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:43 pm 

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i like it -
one thing though - i do love gamling so much infact i converted him and use a generic captains profile instead, the thing is without taking gamlings banner you are better off with a captain - the captain is defence five and five points cheaper than gamling but for the same points value as gamling (50) he can take a shield - this might serve you better now having the exact same stats at the same points but the option to shield in sticky situations - and if you find another 5points from somewhere he can even go as high as defence 7 so if you have an axe,the defence drop doesnt feel as bad when you piercing strike,
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