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 Post subject: Quendil's Trade thread
PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:49 pm 

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Can't find my old thread as that may have been when I was on the forum years ago.

I have lots of Mithril Miniatures that I will trade for Hobbit miniatures.

You can find some pictures of the miniatures on Mithril site
If not on that site you can also find them here

Mithril Miniatures Standard M Series Blisters

M Series

M13 Sindarin Elf Female Scout
M32 Princess Nirnadel Loose
M100 Mannish Slaves
M101 Orc Serfs
M107 Lachglin the Animist
M109 Werewolf
M115 Serving girl & Hobbit
M117 Seated men drinking
M133 Laketown Guardsman
M135 Laketown Adventurer
M149 Half-Troll Commander
M154 Haradan Infantry
M165 Eribhen & Ruil
M166 Tughaib of the Spirits
M168 Ghoul
M170 Menoib, Dunlending Chieftain
M182 Mannish Captain of Orthanc
M183 White-hand orc with Merry
M189 Enting
M192 Hundin The Bandit Chief
M193 Bandits of Tir Limlight
M194 Female Bandit
M197 Gondorian Officer + loose painted
M198 Gondorian Infantry + loose painted
M199 Gondorian Royal Guard + b painted
M200 Faramir at Osgiliath + loose painted
M201 Gondorian Mounted Officer + loose painted
M204 Gondorian Nobleman
M211 Celeborn
M213 Lorien Spearman
M216 Morwen & Nienor
M218 Outlaw of the Teiglin
M219 Mim & Ibun
M222 Morgoth Orcs
M223 Wolf Sentinel
M224 Gwindor
M241 Brodda the Easterling
M242 Hithlum Easterling Warrior
M254 Mewlip
M256 Barrow-wight Lord
M260 King Theoden on Rearing Horse
M261 Rohir Warrior & Dunlending

M265 Rohir Standard Bearer mounted
M268 Rohir Foot Warrior with
M269 Gil-Galad high elven king
M272 Isildur, Ringbearer
M273 Cirdan at Gorgoroth
M275 Oropher, Elven-King
M276 Numenorean Infantry
M277 Numenorean Dunnish Tracker
M278 Numenorean Infantry Isildur
M290 Merry and Pippin
M292 Gondor Royal army swordsmand
M293 Haradan Mounted Chieftain
M294 Haradan Mailed Infantry
M296 Gondor Royal & Provincial Shields
M302 Great Eagle Landroval box squashed
M303 Great Eagle attacking orc
M304 Great Eagle Meneldor
M307 Stone Giant
M308 Hithaeglir goblins
M312 Mordor Orc Drummer
M316 Eowyn Dermhelm Mounted
M323 2 Female Hobbits
M330 Morgul Orc Fighting
M331 Lugburz Orc Fighting
M333 Lugburz Great Uruk
M338 Elrond the Loremaster
M348 Farmer Maggot and his Dogs
M349 The Ringwraith in the Shire
M351 Freddy Bolger & Innkeeper
M352 Lobelia & Lotho
M353 March & Blanco Hobbits
M355 The Mayor & Sherrif
M356 Bounders
M357 Rose Gamgee & Goldilocks
M366 King Dain
M368 Iron Hills Drummer
M369 Dain Huscarl
M371 Advancing axemen
M378 Mablung firing bow
M379 Ranger loading arrow
M380 Damrod running
M386 Ranger swordsman
M391 Travelling Alchemist
M398 Lorien spearman throwing
M399 Celeborn in armour
M401 Woodmen bowman loading
M402 Woodmen bowman firing
M403 Woodmen girl with bow
M404 Beorning chieftain
M405 Beorning warrior with axe
M406 Lorien Elven swordman
M407 Lorien spearman running
M408 Dol Guldur Orc Captain with whip
M409 Armoured orcs spear & morningstar
M410 Orc Light Infantry, archer & slinger
M411 Orc Infantry with scimitars
M412 Werewolf attacking
M413 Werewolf running
M414 Dol Guldur Troll throwing rock
M415 Dol Guldur Troll with stone axe
M416 Dol Guldur Troll attacking
M417 Woodmen archer defending

Mithril LO, LR + others

MV362 Bilbo + Gandalf Vignette figures
MV360 Saruman + Gandalf Vignette figures
PM496 Salute 2008 Goblin Chieftain on enormous wolf BNIB
LO1 Gandalf
LO2 Frodo
LO3 Sam
LO4 Strider
LO5 Legolas
LO6 Gimli
LO7 Merry
LO8 Pippin
LO9 Boromir
LO10 Galadriel
LO11 Saruman the wizard of Orthanc
LO12 Ring-wraith
LO13 Tom Bombadil
LO14 Goldberry
LO15 Isengard orc warrior
LO16 Elrond
LO17 Gollim & Bilbo
LO18 Isildur
LO19 Eowyn
LO20 Saruman & Gandalf
LO21 Eomer – Third marshal of the mark
LO22 Theoden – king of the Mark
LO23 Grima Wormtongue
LO24 Half-orc of Isengard
LO25 Gildor Inglorion
LO26 Faramir
LO27 Easterling Chieftain
LO28 Celeborn
LO29 Lord of the Nazgul
LO30 Frodo & Sam at Mt. Doom
LR1 Gandalf the Grey
LR2 Saruman the White
LR3 Radagast the Brown
LR4 Blue Wizard OF THE EAST
LR5 Blue Wizardsof the South
LR6 Herald Gil-galad
LR7 Elendil
LR8 Telerin
LR9 Galadriel
LR10 Gil-galad
LR11 The Witch-king,
LR12 Nazgul Lieutenant
LR13 Adunaphel
LR14 Akhorahil
LR15 Dwaw of Waw.
LR16 Hoarmurath
LR17 Indur Dawndeath
LR18 Ren the unclean
LR19 Uvatha the horseman
LR20 Ring-wraith
LR21 The watcher at Sarn Ford
LR22 Bilbo (farewell speech)
LR23 Frodo & Sam
LR24 Merry & Pippin
LR25 Gildor Inglorion
LR26 Farmer & Mrs Maggot
LR27 Fatty Bolger and the Gaffer.
LR28 Goldberry
LR29 Tom Bombadil & Fatty Lumpkin.
LR30 Barrow wight.
LR31 Barliman Butterbur & Nob,
LR32 Strider
LR33 Bill Ferny,
LR34 Bill the Pony,
LR35 Stalking Ringwraiths
LR36 Glorfindel
LR37 Elrond
LR38 Elladan
LR39 Elrohir
LR40 Arwen

Mithril Miniatures MS and MX

Designer Series

MX600 The Crack of Doom

Fellowship Series

MS423 Aragorn & the Palantir
MS440 Cirdan the Shipwright
MS457 Gothmog Lieutenant of Minas Morgul
MS504 Grishnakh of Barad-Dur
MS505 Ingold at the Rammas Echor
MS533 Black Numenorean Captain - Minas Morgul
MS534 Isildur Bonus 2007 figure
MS536 Half-Troll Angmar Standard Bearer
MS552 Bolgs Standard Bearer

Mithril Miniatures Loose

M Series

M2 : Elrond loose stripped
M3 The Witch-King of Angmar part painted
M4 Mounted Rider of Rohan
M5 Rohirrim Foot Warrior +1 without shield and sword belt
M6 Gondorian Guard Captain loose painted +1 stripped no sword or shield
M7 Gondorian Foot Soldier loose unprimed
M8 Dunlending Chieftain
M9 Dunlending Warrior +1 no sword or shield
M10 Dunlending Priestess +1 without dagger
M11 Sindarin Elf Mage +1 without staff
M12 Sindarin Elf Warrior +1 without bow
M13 Sindarin Elf Female Scout + 1 Stripped +1 Stripped no bow
M14 Arthedain Captain loose with no sword or shield
M16 Female Ranger no sword
M17 Sagath Warrior
M18 Sagath Animist no bird and painted + 1 with no bird and sword broken
M19 Dwarvish Warrior + 1 Painted
M20 Hithaeglir Orc Chief
M21 Hithaeglir Orc Warrior no sword or shield x 3
M22 Goblin Scout +1 with no sword or sheild
M23 Large Stone Troll
M24 Barrow Wight sword broken but complete
M25 Large Warg
M26 Eothraim Prince
M27 Theoden, King of the Mark +1 painted
M29 Mounted Rohir Archer
M31 Mounted Rohir Officer + 1 without sword or shield
M32 Princess Nirnadel
M35 Tharbad City Guard & Officer painted
M36 Cardolanian Mercenary +1 with broken sword
M37 Cutpurse
M39 Cardolalian Hir
M40 Tardegil the Army Captain Loose
M41 Nimhir the Regent
M42 Mannish Captain on horseback
M45 Orc berserker broken axe
M49 Troll w/cleaver loose
M50 Orc w/scimitar attacking
M51 Wolf-rider w/horn & scimitar painted
M52 : Gandalf the Wizard
M53 : Tom Bombadil
M54 : Goldberry
M56 Bree Gate Warden
M57 Hobbit Travellers
M58 Marcho & Blanco
M59 Female Hobbit & Children
M60 Hobbit Scout on Pony
M61 Hobbit Fighters + 1with pike missing
M63 King Thranduil enthroned loose reprimed
M65 Legolas painted
M69 Silvan Seer loose
M74 Caravan Guard on foot +1 with broken spear
M75 Visi Foot-guard & Officer Loose
M76 Wealthy Trader & Councillor
M77 Sand-man x 2
M78 The Razarač
M79 Junast's Guard
M82 Master of the Tama
M84 Radagast the Wizard
M88 Beorning Fighter
M90 : Woodmen + 1 stripped
M92 Woodmen Animist
M93 Zalg the Goblin King part painted
M94 Uruk-Hai Royal Guardsmen unprimed loose
M95 Saviga, the King's Consort loose
M99 Karagat & Victim part painted
M100b Mannish Slaves
M102 Bralg the Insane
M105 Huinen the Seer
M119 potboy painted on base
M123 sam painted
M124 Aragorn sword broken
M126 Legolas painted
M129 b painted
M135 Laketown Adventurer painted with sword broken and shield missing
M138 Saruman & the Palantir + 1 painted
M144 Riddles in the Dark loose
M146 Mounted Nazgul painted
M147 Nazgul on foot
M156 Thrain Dwarven King
M161 Dis Dwarven Maiden unprimed
M167 : Walking Dead loose sword and shields missing
M168 Ghoul
M169 Wight of Tughaib
M171 Solofhen, Dunlending Shaman loose unprimed
M174 Cave Troll of the Under Deeps
M178 Ugluk, White-Hand Orc
M179 Half-Orcs of Saruman loose
M181 Wormtongue
M189 Enting unprimed
M192 Hundin The Bandit Chief part painted
M193 Bandits of Tir Limlight x 8 sets (2 swords missing 1 bow broken)
M203 Gondorian Townsfolk just 1 painted one with bag
M207 Lorien Elvish Bowman
M213 Lorien Spearman
M227 Bilbo loose
M229 Thorin Oakenshield Part painted no axe
M230 Elrond unprimed
M232 Gollum +1 painted
M234 The Elven-king + 1 painnted
M235 Bard of Laketown unprimed
M240 : Finduilas & Gwindor
M243 Brandir the Lame
M244 Turin Turumbar
M245 Nimiel the Bride
M246 Angband Orc Captain
M267 Rohir foot archer
M269 Gil-Galad high elven king spear tip broken
M284 Cave Troll loose
M287 Sam and Frodo
M291F Gondor RA Spearman loose unprimed
M295 Mordor Black Troll
M305 Hithaeglir adventurer loose unprimed
M320 Elf Girl
M326 Shagrat & Gorbag
M350 Gandalf & child – Gandalf only
M384 : Haradan and Ranger fighting loose

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 Post subject: Re: Quendil's Trade thread
PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:21 pm 

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Found some more

Loose with card. 124 of 130
MX421 Eotheod Ranger (Fram, son of Frumgar)

M175 Saruman at Orthanc loose unprimed
M215 Turin the Outlaw loose

M270 Elrond, Herald of Gil-Galad
M271 Elendil the Tall
M319 Dunland Priestess
M334 Lugburz Captain with Whip
M335 Cirith Ungol Snagas
M367 Iron Hills standard bearer

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