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 Post subject: Silly Sloth's List *Updated August 2017
PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:04 pm 

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Hey there :) Thanks for checking out my post.

I am a new user and so I must be the one to send first which I'm sure would be absolutely fine by me.

I am just like everyone else on this forum and has a love for Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit ever since I was little. I love the hobby and I would love to interact with other enthusiastic hobby hobbits.

Trade Form

Country: United Kingdom Your location; United Kingdom

I have:
    * 2x Dead Marsh Spectres (the orc and the man of Numenor - not painted)
    * 2x Mordor/Isengard Trolls (Painted in Easterling theme)
    * 1x OOP metal Warg Captain (Painted)
    *1x OOP metal Gothmog on Warg (Painted but missing one warg leg)

    * 3x Swan Knights of Dol Amroth on foot - Metal - not painted
    * Roughly 15 Warriors of the Dead with some missing parts, some painted with just a wash.
    * Theoden on Horse (Helms Deep - Painted)
    * 12 Riders of Rohan
    * Gamling on Horse with Royal Standard
    * Eowyn foot and mounted
    * 15 Warriors of Rohan

    * 1x Rivendell Captain on foot (stripped)
    * 1x Rivendell Banner on foot (stripped)
    * 2x Elrond (from last alliance)
    * 138+ Rivendell Warriors (sword/bow)

    * 5x Pikes (Painted)

    * 20+ Spear and Bow (some Painted)

    * I also have various bits and pieces that are a bit more obscure so if you are looking for anything in particular then please ask :)

And I would like:

    * 5x Citadel Guard with Speer (metal)
    * 4x Guards of the Fountain Court (metal)

    * 1x Knight of Umbar foot and or mounted
    * 1x The Tainted foot and Mounted
    * 1x The Dwimmerlaik
    * 1x The Betrayer foot and Mounted
    * 1x The Shadow Lord

    Evil Men
    * 1x Easterling War Priest Mounted
    * 1x Haradrim Taskmaster
    * Half Trolls
    * 2x Mahud Beastmaster

    * sooo many Rivendell Knights please
    * 1x Elrond Mounted
    * 1x Elrohir Mounted (without head is fine.. haha)
    * 1x Glorfindel's (Head)... Guess what conversion I'm trying...
    * 1x Lindir of Rivendell

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