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 Post subject: Alternative army bonus ideas
PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:51 pm 
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Here is what I've came up with. What do you think?

Numenor – “Seven stars, and seven stones, and one White Tree” – When a named hero from this list is nominated as your general/leader he gains the Palantir Special Rule from Saruman’s profile in the Fallen Realms source book, though “evil player” is to be read as ‘controlling player’.

Minas Tirith – “The Lords of Gondor have returned” – Warriors from the Minis Tirith army list can reroll failed courage tests within 12” of a named hero when that hero has been nominated the general/leader.

The Fiefdoms – “Captains of the outlands” – Each of the fiefs (Morthond, Lamedon, Lossanarch, and Dol Amroth) of Gondor, their heroes and warriors together, are treated as a separate army for the purposes of determining their breaking point.

Rohan – “Death! Death! Death!” In the turns following the death of the armies general/leader all models in the army that charge as a result of participating in a heroic move or fight gain plus one to their strength and count as being in range of a banner for the remainder of the turn.

The Misty Mountains –(current army bonus ought to be in their rules anyway) – “The Eagles are coming” – Each model is treated as its own warband for the purposes of deployment and in scenarios were a die must be rolled to place each warband, or for reinforcements, the controlling player of this army may reroll each of those dice once, regardless of the result.

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