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Alternative army bonus ideas
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Author:  Wan Shi Tong [ Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Alternative army bonus ideas

Here is what I've came up with. What do you think?

Numenor – “Seven stars, and seven stones, and one White Tree” – When a named hero from this list is nominated as your general/leader he gains the Palantir Special Rule from Saruman’s profile in the Fallen Realms source book, though “evil player” is to be read as ‘controlling player’.

Minas Tirith – “The Lords of Gondor have returned” – Warriors from the Minis Tirith army list can reroll failed courage tests within 12” of a named hero when that hero has been nominated the general/leader.

The Fiefdoms – “Captains of the outlands” – Each of the fiefs (Morthond, Lamedon, Lossanarch, and Dol Amroth) of Gondor, their heroes and warriors together, are treated as a separate army for the purposes of determining their breaking point.

Rohan – “Death! Death! Death!” In the turns following the death of the armies general/leader all models in the army that charge as a result of participating in a heroic move or fight gain plus one to their strength and count as being in range of a banner for the remainder of the turn.

The Misty Mountains –(current army bonus ought to be in their rules anyway) – “The Eagles are coming” – Each model is treated as its own warband for the purposes of deployment and in scenarios were a die must be rolled to place each warband, or for reinforcements, the controlling player of this army may reroll each of those dice once, regardless of the result.

Author:  LordoftheBrownRing [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative army bonus ideas

Ok I might sound negative, but I dont mean it to be. Part of it is the fact GW's bonuses came out before yours. I will work under the assumption you mean to replace them.

Numenor: I like it a lot!
Gondor: With or without GW's bonus, they have so much bodyguard I dont see it as necessary. Its thematic and nice, but an army having a chance to roll two courage checks is something I probably wouldnt wanna see.
Fiefdoms: Im lost on the meaning.
Rohan: This is worse than Gw's bonus. If you mean to replace it, then nah. If you add to it, then its OK, but once per game is not going to change much or be noticeable.
Misty Mountains: I love the deploying each eagle as a warband. I love the re roll. Awesome. Eagles come through and wreck people in the movies EVERY time. In the game, they're terrible as one faction and dont often have a chance.

I thought another bonus(separate from all the others mentioned) would be this:

At the beginning of a turn, before priority: The controlling player may attempt to declare 'The Eagles have arrived'. On a roll of four plus, you may deploy all the eagles in your army to any board edge over 12" from your opponents models. If you deploy your eagles in this manner they must all be in one warband.

That may just be a scenario though for fun not a special rule. But I think it would be interesting. Kind of like Goblin mercenaries.

Author:  LordElrond [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative army bonus ideas

I think that numenorean one is absolute Devlan Mud. They need a lot more than that. Most of the time the palantir doesn’t nothing, and what numenor need is something that enables them to hold a battle line (like heavy infantry should be able to) without getting trashed by absolutely everything like they do now.

Author:  Wan Shi Tong [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative army bonus ideas

Oh. I did not even notice that anyone said anything on this until now. Sorry.

Yes LotBR, I had made this after seeing the GW versions and thinking them sort of weird. The main problem I saw with the army bonuses is that it some of them did not have any logical reason to be a rule that the army would have any reason to gain just by being fielded solo. Rohan, for instance, why does them not having allies make them stronger on the charge? I get the Iron Hills deployment, or the high elves archer re-roles because those are about army discipline/coordination/communication. Things that a professional army will do better without foreigners to worry about. Gondor is braver because of patriotism and so on. But why does Rohan get a strength buff? Why do the dwarves get a poison re-role? So I made my little list of alternative rules that I think would be better alternatives to GW so that they could get some feedback. That was in the summer least way.

Now, about my ideas. Numenor needs an expanded roster from a last alliance supplement. No army buff is going to compensate for that. But the Palantir is an interesting little rule that will complement an expanded roster and prevent a reckon later on. Plus, it felt in theme for them instead of some stupid stat buff. Why do they not already have such a power if they had the stones? They could wind up with all sort of stuff later like bane weapons, steal bows, super heavy infantry, local levies etc. If a stop gap is really needed then they ought to get shield wall like the Iron Hills.

With the fiefs I was trying to express the independent nature of each fief without the controlling influence of Gondor. Each fief breaks on its own over the course of the game. Dol Amroth won't care if all the blackroot vale bowmen die or all the clansmen bail on them because they are professionals and they are there for their prince anyway. Likewise with each fief. This would dis-incentivize using fully mixed fiefdom armies and people would focus on balancing out their troops better.

With Rohan the buff GW added just gets a themed revamp. It would take effect for the whole rest of the game if your leader is dead and you make heroic charges. It replicates the boldness of Rohan heroes following the loss of their king and the warriors following their lead. It makes them more dangerous and offensive but not objectively better without any backup.

That was just my thinking on it anyway. I wanted to suggest some alternatives and get people around here to come up with a firm reply for the GW team to look over. They will do what they want, of course, but in the summer it might have interested them to see what we could think up. Now everything must be to far along to change so it is just a theoretical exercise now, I suppose.

Author:  LordoftheBrownRing [ Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative army bonus ideas

Well short response cause Im sleepy.....

Rohans is themed. I understand youre saying why would they only be stronger when alone.....its just for balance dude. I think youre taking theme way overboard when it comes to them trying to hash out issues with gameplay.

As for Fiefdoms again....too thematic in your idea. Youre greatly destroying an army list that already doesnt get much play because theyre not THAT competitive.

They are fixing gaming issues.

Author:  Wan Shi Tong [ Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative army bonus ideas

Idk. We will see what comes.

Author:  treefoz [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative army bonus ideas

I really love these ideas. I'm not sure how balanced they would turn out to be, but on paper, they look great. Yes, Numenor will need a lot more than that, but that's not within the scope of this thread, I suppose.

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