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A thought on wings for helmets (Gondor/Numenor/Dol Amroth)
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Author:  Lothíriel [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  A thought on wings for helmets (Gondor/Numenor/Dol Amroth)

I just had an idea for how to find plastic "bits" to enhance say, Games Workshop men of Minas Tirith helmets with little wings.

A lot of "icons" or "banner tops" for Space Marine plastic kits in Warhammer 40k have winged figures. Usually winged skulls, sometimes an eagle "aquila" or similar.

People list them on ebay and "bits" sites under all sorts of different names which can be a pain to find. However, I dug through my bits box and found a couple like this: ... bhjv2laqo2 ... tdte2jjun6

The banner top ones are small and have wing detailing on both sides.

The vehicle ones are larger and have detail only on one side as they are intended to be flush to the flat surface of vehicle armour.

My current plan is to maybe experiment with these on the GW Minas Tirith plastic knight kit in future. My idea is to use the larger wings near the eyes of the horses, making them look closer to the Dol Amroth knights. The smaller ones might work to enhance the helmets of the riders.

Just a thought, if I ever get around to doing it I'll post pics obviously.

Author:  SomeGuy [ Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A thought on wings for helmets (Gondor/Numenor/Dol Amrot

thats a good idea, save sculpting and all, i think if possible the final touch to put robes or whatever on the horses, but best of luck be sure to post whatever you make - you may inspire the next person

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