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BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?
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Author:  celticgriffon [ Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

Hi everyone,

I am just getting back into miniature wargames and would like to make LOTR/Hobbit SBG my main system.

Is there any chance of a compilation of these magazines into one tome? I am curious to pick some up.


Author:  Isilduhrr [ Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

Nah. THere never will be. Licences, lack of interest, and high prices would prevent them.

Author:  Gene Parmesan [ Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

You might pick up the lot cheap. I've sen them pop up for sale without the models.

Author:  Ukfreddybear [ Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

You wouldn't fit them all in one Tome anyhow. Unless you broke them down and had a Tome of Scenarios, Tome of Scenery building, Tome of painting guides etc

Author:  SonsOfHurin [ Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

They are solled a lot of times on Ebay with or without minatures. They are great magazines in my eyes for people who start the hobby

Author:  Badner [ Fri May 06, 2016 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

I do have a question about these magazines: Is there a list, which tells you which articles are inside each magazine (specialy in number 90)?

Author:  Erunion [ Fri May 06, 2016 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

I don't know of a list. I looked in my own collection, but you picked one of the handful of magazines that I'm missing! Haha.

Author:  Ukfreddybear [ Fri May 06, 2016 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

1 Moria Goblin Plastic Sprue. Playing the Game / Preparing your models / Painting Moria Goblins / Making a Basic Battlefield / Goblin Ambush Scenario

2 Warriors of the Last Alliance Plastic Sprue. Characteristics / Painting Numenoreons / Painting High Elves / Tools & Materials / Making a Simple Ruin / The Last Alliance Scenario

3 Frodo (Fellowship) & Pot of Red Paint. Priority & Move / Painting Frodo / Making a Hedgerow / Pursuit of the Ringwraiths Scenario

4 Plastic Fighting Uruk-Hai Sprue. The Fight Phase / Painting Uruk-Hai Warriors / Making a Hill / Elven Attack Scenario

5 Lurtz. The Shoot Phase / Painting Lurtz / Making a Gaming Area / Hunt of the Uruk-Hai Scenario

6 Aragorn (Helm's Deep). Movement & Terrain / Making Ruins / Painting Aragorn / Defend the Ruins Scenario

7 Warriors of Rohan Sprue. Defending Barriers / Repel the Mauraders Scenario / Painting Warriors of Rohan / Making Walls & Fences

8 Legolas (Fellowship). Miissile Weapons / Raid on Lothlorien Scenario / Painting Legolas / Making Trees & Forests

9 Uruk-Hai Captain. Melee Weapons / Burn the Village Scenario / Basic Painting Techniques / Painting Uruk-Hai Captain / Make a Warning Beacon

10 Fighting Uruk-Hai Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #4). Courage / Burn the Village! Scenario Continued / Batch Painting / Making a Rohirrim Building

11 Boromir (Fellowship). Heroes, Might & Fate / Ambush at Amon Hen Scenario / Painting Boromir / Making a Standing Stone

12 Gandalf the Grey (Khazad-Dum). Magic & Will / Clash of Wills Scenario / Painting Gandalf the Gray / Making a Hilltop Ruin

13 Rohan Horse Plastic Sprue. Battlefield Tactics / Wizard;s Duel Game Scenario / Painting Rohan Horses / Scenic Details / Making a Barrel & Crate

14 Riders of Rohan Plastic Sprue. Cavalry / Attack at the Ford Scenario / Painting the Riders of Rohan / Making Rivers & Fords

15 Saruman (Two Towers). Master of Orthanc /The Gap of Rohan Scenario / Painting Saruman the White / Making Bridges

16 Ugluk. The Forces of Isengard / The Gap of Rohan Scenario II / Painting Ugluk / Making Outcrops & Ridges

17 Grishnakh. Creating Scenarios / A Thief in the Night Scenario / Painting Grishnakh / Making Fangorn Forest

18 Mounted Eomer. The Forces of Rohan / The Wrath of Rohan Scenario / Painting Eomer / Making a Wilderness Campsite

19 Three Paint Pots. Linking Battle Games / The Watcher in the Water Scenario / Colour Palettes / Making Lakes & Shores

20 Moria Goblin Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #1). The Forces of Moria / Lost in the Dark Scenario / Painting Moria Goblins / Making Dwarven Mines

21 Gimli (Fellowship)/. Warriors of the Fellowship / Balin's Tomb Scenario / Painting Gimli / Making Balin's Tomb

22 Moria Ruins Plastic Sprue. Theming Your Forces / The Bridge at Khazad-dum Scenario / The Moria Campaign / Painting Armies / Converting a Goblin Captain / Themed Bases / Making Khazad-dum & Dwarven Ruins

23 Warriors of Minas Tirith Plastic Sprue. Forces of Gondor / Open War Scenario / Painting Warriors of Minas Tirith / Tools & Materials

24 Mordor Orcs Plastic Sprue. Forces of Mordor / Open War Scenario II / Painting Mordor Orcs / The Bits Box

25 Sam (Fellowship). Hobbit's of the Shire / Escape from Osgiliath Scenario / Painting Samwise Gamgee / Making Osgiliath Sewers

26 Faramir (Captured by Gondor). Lords of Gondor / Volley Fire / Ambush in Ithilien Scenario / Painting Faramir (Ranger Clothing), Making Pathways & Roads

27 Uruk-Hai Siege Troops Plastic Sprue. Siege Games / Siege Movement / Hold the Fort Scenario / Painting Uruk-Hai Siege Troops / Making a Palisade Fort

28 Haldir (Helm's Deep). Fighting in a Fortress / The Helm's Deep Campaign / Painting Haldir / Making Fortress Walls & Towers

29 Theoden (Helm's Deep). Assaulting the Battlements / The Deeping Wall Scenario / Painting King Theoden / Making the Gate House

30 Uruk-Hai Beserker. The Fortress / Retreat to the Hall Scenario / Painting Uruk-Hai Beserkers / Making the Fortress Keep

31 Uruk-Hai Siege Troops Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #27). Siege Weapons / Retreat to the Hall Scenario / Painting an Uruk-Hai Army / Making a Fortress Tower

32 Merry & Pippin (Fellowship) Breach the Dam Scenario / Painting Merry & Pippin / Making the Dam at Isengard

33 Warriors of Minas Tirith (Repeated - also with issue #23). Different Ways to Play / Besieged Scenario / The Siege of Osgiliath / Painting Soldiers of Gondor / Making the Ruins of Osgiliath

34 Gondorian Banner Bearer. Banners / Defend the Bridge Scenario / Painting the Gondorion Banner Bearer / Making Osgiliath Bridge

35 Galadriel. The Forces of Lothlorien / Crossing the Silverlode Scenario / Painting Galadriel / Making an Elven Tree Platform

36 Elrond (Last Alliance). The Army of Lorien / Watchpost Attack Scenario / Painting Elrond / Making an Elven Watchpost

37 Witch King of Angmar (Weathertop). The Ringwraiths / Hunting the Ringbearer Scenario / Painting the Witch King of Angmar / Making Amon Sul

38 Grima Wormtongue. Assault on Orthanc Scenario / Painting Grima / Making Saruman's Industry

39 Gandalf the White. Wizards of Middle Earth / Assault on Orthanc II / Painting Gandalf the White / Making the Tower of Orthanc

40 Rohan Royal Guard. Mounted Warriors / Retreat from Edoras Scenario / Painting Rohan Royal Guard / Creating Banner Bearers / Making Barrows

41 Mordor Orc Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #24). Monsters of Mordor / River Assault Scenario / Creating An Osgiliath Campaign / Painting Minions of Sauron (Orcs) / Making a Mordor Assault Boat

42 Mordor Orc Banner Bearer. The Army of Mordor / Battle in the Ruins Scenario / Points Matches / Painting the Mordor Orc Banner Bearer / Making an Osgiliath Tower

43 Mounted Faramir. The Army of Gondor / Retreat from Osgiliath Scenario / Painting Captain Faramir (Mounted & Armoured) / Making Gondorion Roads and Bridges

44 Warriors of the Last Alliance (Repeated - also with issue #2). Grand Strategies / Battle in Gorgoroth Scenario / Painting High Elves and Men of Gondor (Numenoreons) / Making the Plains of Mordor

45 Gil-Galad. Elves of the Last Alliance / Sauron the Deceiver Scenario / Painting Gil-Galad / Making Mordor Lava Flows

46 Elendil. Forces of Sauron / The Last Alliance Scenario / Painting Elendil / Devising Your Own Modelling Projects

47 Isildur. Men of the Last Alliance / The Last Alliance Scenario II / Painting Isildur / Making the Mountains of mordor

48 Gorbag. Competitive Play / Choosing Your Troops / Defend the Garrison Scenario / Painting Gorbag / Making a Garrison Outpost

49 Shagrat. Battle Game Tactics / Treachery at Cirith Ungol / Painting Shagrat / Making the Tower of Cirith Ungol

50 Warriors of Rohan Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #7). Special Scenario Rules / Saruman's War Campaign / Message to Edoras Scenario / Painting Soldiers of Rohan Revised & Alternative Colour Schemes / Making Rohan Cottages

51 Gamling. Specialised Scenarios / Restore the King Scenario / Painting Gamling / Making Meduseld

52 Eowyn (West) The Army of Isengard / Assault on Edoras Scenario / Painting Eowyn / Making Rohan Pallisades

53 Hama. The Army of Rohan / Assault on Edoras II / Painting Hama / Making Rohan Walls & Gates

54 Ruins Plastic Sprue. Flying Creatures / Escape from Orthanc Scenario / Painting Techniques / Modelling Techniques

55 Knight of Minas Tirith Banner Bearer - Mounted. Competitive Armies / Competitive Scenarios / Pitched Battle Scenario / Painting the Mounted Knight of Minas Tirith Banner Bearer / Making Minas Tirith Walls

56 Gothmog. The Siege of Minas Tirith / Break the Gates Scenario / Painting Gothmog / Making Minas Tirith City Gates

57 Denethor. The Kingdom of Gondor / Gaming Clubs / Assassinate the Steward Scenario / Painting Denethor / Making the Fountain Court

58 Orc Captain. Battlefields / Rescur the Prisoners Scenario / Painting the Orc Captain / Making an Orc Encampment

59 Faramir. The Lord of the Rings Campaign / The Doomed Charge Scenario / Painting Captain Faramir (Foot & Armoured) / Making Gondorian Buildings

60 Boromir, Captain of the White Tower. The Council of Elrond / War in Osgiliath Scenario / Captain Boromir / Making Siege Engines

61 Aragorn (Fellowship). The Long Dark of Moria / Escape from Bree Scenario / Painting Strider / Painting Aragorn Hero of Helm's Deep / Making the Village of Bree

62 Bilbo Baggins. The Fellowship Breaks / Ambush in Hobbiton Scenario / Painting Bilbo / Making Hobbit Holes

63 Gollum (Captured by Gondor). The Path to Mordor Scenario / Painting Gollum / Making the Forbidden Pool

64 Eomer (West). Tournaments / Escape from Edoras Scenario / Eomer of Rohan / Making a Rohan Royal Stable

65 Mounted Theodred. Battlefield Effects / The Fords of Isen Scenario / Painting Theodred / Making Winter Terrain

66 Riders of Rohan Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #14). Map Campaigns / Battle for Middle-Earth Campaign / Making Rohan Conversions / Making Ruined Cottages

67 Rohan Horses Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #13). The Two Towers / Battle for Middle Earth Campaign II / Painting Horses of Middle-Earth / Making Dunland Hovels

68 Wargs Plastic Sprue/ The War for Rohan / Warg Hunt Scenario / Painting Wargs / Making Realistic Landscapes

69 Warg Riders Plastic Sprue. The Fate of Rohan / Baggage Train Raid Scenario / Painting Warg Riders / Making a Baggage Train

70 Haradrim Warriors Plastic Sprue. Warriors of Evil / Siege of Minas Tirith Scenario / Painting Haradrim / Making the Pelennor Fields

71 King of the Dead. The Return of the King / Army of the Dead / Siege of Minas Tirith Scenario II / Painting the King of the Dead / Making Pelennor Details

72 Mordor Orcs Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issues #24 & #41). Towers of Mordor / Siege of Minas Tirith Scenario III / Painting the Morgul Horde (Orcs & Large Models such as Trolls / Fell Beasts / Shelob) / Making Siege Towers

73 Merry & Pippin (West). Battle Companies / Defend the Walls Scenario / Painting Merry & Pippin / Modelling Details - Interiors & Battlefield Casualties

74 The Witch King of Angmar (Fall of the Witch King). Battle Companies / King-Slayer Scenario / Painting the Witch-King / Making Modelled Boards

75 Metal Conversion Kit. Battlefield Companies / Company Scenarios / Converting Heroes / Making Dioramas

76 Legolas (West). The Return of the King Campaign / Capture the Fleet Scenario / Painting Legolas / Making a Corsair Galley

77 Easterling Captain. The Battle for Gondor / The End of All Things Scenario / Painting the Easterling Captain / Making the Black Gate

78 Aragorn. The Third Age Ends Campaign / Painting Aragorn (King Elessar) on foot / Making Mount Doom

79 Radagast the Brown. Master of the Wild / Kill the Wizard Scenario / Painting the Brown Wizard / Making Radagasts Cabin

80 Tom Bombadil. The Barrow-Downs / Fog on the Downs Scenario / Painting Tom Bombadil / Making Ancient Tombs

81 Glorfindel. Defenders of Rivendell / Surrounded Scenario / Painting Glorfindel / Making a Rivendell Hall

82 Orc Shaman. Shamans of Darkness / Rivendell Campaign / Painting Orc Shaman / Making the Desecrated Statue

83 Dwarf Captain. Forces of the Dwarves / Into the Depths Scenario / Painting the Dwarf Captain / Making Moria Ruins

84 Durburz. Drums in the Deep / Balin's Campaign / Painting the Goblin King / Maling the Goblin King's Lair

85 Balin. Armies of the Dwarves / The Balrog Unleashed Scenario / Painting Balin / Making the Balrog's Lair

86 Suladan. Lords of Harad / Battle in the Desert Scenario / Painting Suladan / Making Desert Boards

87 Hasharin. Force Strategies / Desert Siege Scenario / Painting the Hasharin / Making a Haradrim City

88 Prince Imrahil. Forces of Dol Amroth / Defend the Fortress Scenario / Painting Prince Imrahil / Making a Border Fortress

89 Ghan-Buri-Ghan. The Dangerous Journey Scenario / Painting Ghan-Buri-Ghan / Making Traps

90 Farmer Maggot with his 3 Dogs (Grip, Wolf & Fang). Hobbits of the Shire / Battle for the Shire Scenario / Painting Maggot & Dogs / Making a Ravaged Shire

91 Sharkey. Sharkey's Rogues / Drive Away the Wizard Scenario / Painting Sharkey / Making an Industrial Mill

Special Editions

* The Fellowship of the Ring - Mounted Arwen (with Frodo). The Road to Rivendell Scenarios / Painting Mounted Arwen Evenstar & Frodo

* The Two Towers - Gandalf the White on Shadowfax. Battle for Helm's Deep / Painting Gandalf the White on Shadowfax

* The Return of the King - Mounted King Elessar. Assault on Minas Tirith Scenarios / Painting Mounted Aragorn / Elessar

Extra Items that came with the subscription:

* Modelling Tool Pack

* Magnifying Glass

* Mines of Moria Tomb base

Author:  Badner [ Fri May 06, 2016 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

Oh my god, this is very useful! Thank you for your help

Author:  Ukfreddybear [ Fri May 06, 2016 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

No problem :)

Author:  Nevinsrip [ Thu May 12, 2016 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BGIME - any chance of a compilation set?

Anyone in the US have the later issues like after 55 or so? I have doubles of the first 30 or so and lots of single extra issues after that.
PM me here if you wish to trade.

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